The first of, perhaps, many meditations on Japanese Art in game design and Western Art in game design.

The first of, perhaps, many thoughts on Assassin's Creed and revisionist history of gaming.

The first of, perhaps, many thoughts on Defense Grid: The Awakening.

The first of, perhaps, many thoughts on Golden Axe Beast Rider.

The first of, perhaps, many thoughts on Writing about games (1up epitaph)

The first of, perhaps, many outright internal links involving Child's Play, with supplemental commentary by Double Fairy Cola advocate, TwinkleRage.

I bought a broken microwave.

The first of, perhaps, many comparisons between crime under a full moon and quick time events.

The first of, perhaps, many 'Women are like Nintendo' 'Men are like Blizzard' best selling how to guides.

The first of, perhaps, many subversive suggestions about maturity.

The first of, perhaps, many thoughts on Jesus 5 starring the song through you.

The first of, perhaps, many thoughts on democracy in games.

The first of, perhaps, many thoughts on raising a child in a world with games.

The first of, perhaps, many assorted first impressions of a recent release.

The first of, perhaps, many benign non-crossposts

the first of, perhaps, many deadly cross-posts

Party, please.

3rd party.


Or, to put it another way. Good?

All hail the gluttonous Overlard!

Bioshock, game of the year? Et cetra.

I've got a fever, and the only way to cure it, is more self abuse.

The kettle is full of troubled toil: bubbling.

Behold, content!

Also, I quit wow, finally. I might mention this several times. The upshot for you? Less overall whining about Wow in future posts.

Inexcusable delays. I keep saying I'm going to keep this damn thing alive with more regular updates, and then I go off all askew humming loudly to myself and pretending I'm a jawa by lying on the floor with a blanket over my head.

Anyway. That said, here's more older material that was only recently finished. I had bought a passel (?) of games a while back and wrote some meandering thing about them.

In what appears to be a rapidly emerging theme, I'm bringing you some repurposed material. However, rather than simply wasting your time with a nearly irrelevant ancient piece, I took what was the irrelevant ancient seed of a piece, and allowed it to grow into a sick little fycus. When Legacy of Khain: Defiance was released, I thought it was one of the best games I'd played in a while. But, unfortunately, declaring how wonderful it was, didn't make for much material. Since I'm still in the throes of MMOs, and how much I hate them, indeed, how fundamentally wrong they are, I took the opportunity to forge a tenuous link. Beware the abrupt transition between the old piece and the new piece!

Because my mind is a dearth of creativity given form in the vessel of a nearly nonfunctional brain, I bring you archived, unlinked material regarding whitey.

I continue endlessly flapping my lips about MMOs. Tabula Rasa, particularly.

Islam: Season 2
It's going to be excruciating.

It's going to be fun.

Silent Hill hit theaters.
If you fall into just one grotesque nightmare of your own creation this year... make it this one.

Raiding is a primitive form of gameplay that should make way for better things.

The Unrepublican alternative. This is the product of a conversation with someone who wants to be president.

Someone emailed me asking for my advice. Yes, this is one of many signes de apocalypse. Get a tinfoil hat.

Several assembled thoughts on the children.

Roleplayers are usual people. People who are desperately afraid.

also... I... am playing city of heroes again. On a different account.

I quit City of Heroes. My favorite MMo. I did it for number of reasons. But I'm not happy about it. You may recognize some recycled materials.

Then I finished off an old humor piece about it.

14.4.05 6:19 AM
I've been meaning to say this for a while...

Blizzard Sucks.

12.03.05 10:29 AM
2 Years! Wow... Jeez. Amazing. Whelp enough reminiscing... On to the point.

14.12.03 11:52 AM
They captured Saddam Hussein.

3.12.03 12:32 AM
We're in a brave new world. I've got several things cooking, and I'll post them as I finish them satisfactorily. This is, as usual, a matter of sheer indulgence on your part, and sheer whimsy on mine. The first product of this.deranged(mind) is a little something about that wonderful holiday we celebrate in the US known as Thanksgiving. Tremble in fear.

7.9.03 12:59 PM
Well shit. It's been forever since I updated. Since the last time, I've applied to and been accepted to the Guildhall at SMU. If you want to watch me embarrass myself publicly on a message board, just follow the forums link buried somewhere in the menu on the left hand side of the site.

In any case, I promise... no more huge gaps if I can avoid it. This site will never die, so long as I have webspace! But I recognize that I haven't done anything in quite a while, and since all my readership has been thoroughly alienated, there was no one to complain. So I did it myself.

oh hey, and by the way, change your bookmarks. The students.washington.edu address is going to go away fairly soon.

5.5.03 5:14 PM
Happy Fifth of May to all Spanish Speaking humans. I have written a thing. I hope you like it.

25.4.03 7:52 PM
The nature of social growth and the evolution of game development.

27.3.03 2:21 PM
Thoughts on a couple games, communities, and the war.

03.2.03 9:50 AM
Yay, more content. Though I've probably alienated my readership by now, I'm still putting up stupid crap! This time, I review Devil May Cry 2, contrary to supposed promises of bitching about mario sunshine or some other nonsense.

30.1.03 1:12 PM
New rule: anyone who uses the term 'patience my young padawan' when writing an FAQ must be killed for the good of mankind. God help us if the term 'padawan' becomes a part of our culture.

24.1.03 11:24 PM
Master of Orion 3 finally went gold. Go and reserve yourself a copy.

Also, There hasn't been any updates around here for a while. I'm going to vent on the Dark Age of Camelot expansion: Shrouded Isles a bit. Possibly this weekend.