Heuristic medicine
An applique of 40-weight

I've never been to Striga Isle.

I'm just a girl... well wait. That's not quite true. It's completely against fact. Spiritually, perhaps, I empathize with the way on might run or throw if one were a girl, which is irrlevant, since there isn't any such thing in the first place as "girls".

Anyway, I'm just a girl who's never seen Striga Isle. It's my heart wrenching soliloquy. Perhaps I never will, and if so I'll deserve it.


Because I'm a Night Elf.

you know. Sometimes...

I don't particularly enjoy being a Night Elf or "NE" as those fresh biscuits down on the griddle are known to kibosh between pats of sensual melting butter and the rough caress of jam plunged deep into their intimate recesses by a flat cold knife. No not really. The reasons for my part time job as a reinterpretation of a classic myth which ascribes the trait of ears so large that I am sometimes mistaken in thinking that I'm looking at a purple weathervane is because of a friend.

No no. Enough of that. The point here is the Hollows. Rich low level content takes place in caves with green biker gangs. I'm not complaining. I like green. Expecially when I make the mistake of selecting "unwavering" difficulty. It then more or less becomes similar to dissolving brussel sprouts with harsh language while they harbor violent unrealized ambition towards your person. Of course, sometimes the violence is actualized in machinegun fire or even fisticuffs. Keep in mind it's Alot of brussel sprouts.

Enough for you to be as distressed as I am.

Passed a badge the other day. I'd give it back if I could. Dauntless? Not me thanks.

Panda shoulder pads?

No this is very imporant, ever since the 5th column became the Jedi Council, I've been interviewing them trying to find out if they enjoy being French more then they enjoyed being German, but they don't respond with a constructive dialogue.

What I'm really talking about is powerleveling.

I like it. I like it because I hate it. It attenuates my ambition toward a focal point of rage. The more people I can impose this attitude on the better, since that, and not missions, is where I get my xp.

I want more Hamidon. Hamidon should be a wandering monster in Atlas Park who concentrates his depradations on the Atlas Satue. People who blind-invite other players ot SGs should earn aggro.

Saluting the flag on the senate building should unlock an Uncle Sam pattern for the suit Jacket at Icon, but if you wear it your title can the changed by anyone who sees you. See, it's an allegory. No, wait. It's hyperbole. Which isn't in the same neighborhood.

Superman always slowed down when he past a criminal, so Suppression is natural. Course, he did it to force them to perform sexual acts on himself and each other. This aspect of the new balancing feature has not yet been implemented. It will be, as soon as appropriate attachment points for a Warshade can be determined.

In both forms.

Let's explore an idea. Lets say the kraken occasionally crawled out of the bay and camped out at the tram. But it didn't do any damage, it just grabbed a table at an outdoor cafe, put on a dapper beret from Icon, and smoked a cigarette painstakingly while dispensing nihilistic philosophy to anyone trying to take on *that* task force. You know which one. Don't pretend you don't. No... the other one... yes... Yeah... yeah yeah... I know. Tell me about it.. Seriously.

no not really

Manticore (a defender) shoots Statesman in the chest with an arrow in the latest issue of the comic. I'm getting it framed. It leaves a warm fuzzy spot where the gaping hole of woe was before.

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